Cover Letter

The system allows you to maintain and print a cover letter for your statements. You are free to enter any information you may choose in the letter.

You can enter variables into the letter, such as the date, which will allow you to reprint the letters month after month without changing the letter.


         OCTOBER 30, 2000

         To whom it may concern:

              All financial records of the Water and Sewer

         Department of Your City Name are public

         records and are open for public inspection during

         regular business hours of 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.,

         Monday through Friday at the Water Department in

         Harrison, Arkansas.

              If the records are in active use or in storage and,

         therefore, not available at the time a citizen asks to

         examine them, the custodian shall certify this fact in

         writing to the applicant and set a date and hour within

         three days at which the records will be available for

         inspection and copying.

         Your City Name

         811 North Main

         Harrison, AR 72601-00758


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