Income Statement

This income statement will also be designed by you. You can make it departmentalized. You can make summary statements. The format of the complete statement is at your control. Once you design the statement, you can simply make a selection from the menu and the statement can be printed month after month without any changes or additional work. Each company can have two different formats designed for them.

The amount columns are fixed on these statements, so you control the columns by your selection from the menu. You have such selections as a standard statement with one column for year-to-date information and one column for current period. You can specify if you want percentages. You can select comparative statements or statements that compare to a budget. You can select a format which will show columns for all 12 months. The system is so flexible it should handle any reporting requirements you should have.

The sample shows both current month and year-to-date figures.


                                    Your City Name                      PAGE 1


                              WATER AND SEWER DEPARTMENT

                  For the nine month period ended OCTOBER 30, 2000

                                                       CURRENT      YEAR TO DATE


 Water revenues                                 $          .00    $   103,770.00

 Sewer revenues                                            .00         50,320.00

 Sanitation fees                                           .00         20,169.00

 Other                                                     .00            356.00

                                                ______________    ______________

     Total revenues                                        .00        174,615.00

                                                ______________    ______________


 Salaries                                                  .00         62,870.00

 Payroll Taxes                                             .00          3,524.76

 Supplies                                                  .00          7,594.26

 Repairs                                                   .00         13,694.41

 Utilities                                                 .00         10,381.20

 Depreciation                                              .00         28,000.00

 Chemicals                                                 .00         15,426.00

 Other                                                     .00          1,889.00

                                                ______________    ______________

     Total expenditures                                    .00        143,379.63

                                                ______________    ______________

        Excess revenues or expenses             $          .00    $    31,235.37

                                                ==============    ==============


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