Schedule of Bank Accounts

You can produce schedules of any accounts in your general ledger. You can assign any schedule name you choose. The schedules can contain one or two amount columns for the current period and the year-to-date balances. You can specify whether or not to print dollar signs.

The account names on these schedules are pulled directly from your general ledger file. When you set the schedule up, you simple select the accounts that you want printed on each schedule. Then month after month you can print any or all of the schedules, which you have established.


                                   Your City Name

                                                                     SCHEDULE  1

                             SCHEDULE OF BANK ACCOUNTS

                                  October 31, 2000

CASH-OPERATING ACCOUNT                                            $     7,263.85

CASH-CUSTOMER DEPOSIT ACCOUNT                                          20,260.00

CASH-BOND FUND                                                          3,590.00

DEPRECIATION FUND                                                      23,425.00


    TOTAL                                                         $    54,538.85



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