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Advanced Computer Services was founded in the early 1970's as a data processing division of a CPA firm. With the development of many of it's own software applications, ACS began selling these applications nationwide. Revenue from software sales began exceeding revenue from all other sources within the firm and in 1976 a decision was made to sell the CPA practice and devote solely to the development and sales of this software. Since that time, ACS has sold software to 100's of customers in more than 40 states.

Well Established Firm

In a time when software firms are going out of business daily, selecting a well established software firm is critical to meeting your software needs. We believe our track record speaks for itself. Our company has been in existence for more than 25 years and we are still supporting software we sold in the 1970s, thus proving our programming skills are trustworthy and stable.

No matter how well software is documented or how well the operators are trained, you will have questions when implementing and operating your computer. You need to consider who you will turn to when these questions arise. ACS offers a free training period with every software package sold. After this free maintenance period has lapsed, we offer further assistance at a reasonable hourly rate. A annual maintenance support contract is suggested and includes all upgrades. The availability of these services is not unusual, but what is unique about our firm is:

  1. Your questions will be answered promptly.
  2. You will not be placed on hold for extended periods of time waiting for an answer.
  3. You will not be forced to wait days for someone to return your call.
  4. You will not be forced to communicate with a computerized answering machine for five minutes before reaching a real person.
  5. You will not be forced to buy new software each time a new computer or operating system is announced, just to receive support.
  6. You will not be forced to call us each time a modification is desired, since the source code is included in all ACS Software.

Modification Service Available

Our firm has developed all of the software we sell. We are thoroughly familiar with these programs and we offer modification services on any software sold.


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