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Connect for live support

Our annual support agreements allow you to receive free software upgrades.. This allows users on support to get all new features immediately without ever having to upgrade again.

What do I get for support?

Our Software Support gives you the following benefits:

  • Free software updates and upgrades
  • Toll Free Phone support
    Monday-Friday 8 am-12 noon, 1 pm-4:30 pm central time
  • After-hours support is available by appointment. Messages left after hours will be responded to as early as possible
  • Free E-Mail support (unlimited) (maximum 2-working day response time)

So basically, if you stay on our latest support agreement, you will never need to purchase another software upgrade from us. You will have our latest software at all times, not to mention having your questions answered at no extra cost.


  • The new support agreement (the one allowing for free software upgrades) must be obtained during the first year of purchase.
  • Support must be paid annually.
  • You must meet the minumum software requirements including having an internet connection

Here is a copy of our support agreement.

If you have questions about your software, please contact us.

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