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ACS has been using Notepad++ (N++) for program editing since before Business Rules! (BR!) has officially supported third party editors. Now that BR! does officially support third party editors it's even easier!


Here are the exported language files we use with Notepad++ 6.1x and before.

(Last Updated: 2012/05/03)

Here are the exported language files that have changed with Notepad++ 6.2 with the new User Defined Langauges 2.0

(Last Updated: 2018/04/12)

To implement these (for each) right click and copy link location. Then launch N++, open the User-Defined Dialog and select Import... paste the link location into the import dialog box and continue.


Notepad++ also alows for customizable user tools via a shortcuts.xml file located in the user's application directory. Mine is available here. Feel free to steal sections of mine to add to yours.

Additionally the BR! Wiki has a page dedicated to Notepad++ which contains other valuable resources and tips. You can find it here.



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