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All ACS Software Systems are fully integrated, but each system can run as an individual application, if desired. All systems contain:
  • Handles up to 99,998 different companies!
  • Easy to use menu-driven interface that is consistent throughout our systems
  • Resizeable fonts allow easy reading.
  • Simple Backup and Restore features
  • Reports can be redirected from the printer to the screen so it can be saved, reviewed or printed.
  • Program modifications can be made
  • Comes with a free training period
  • Individual Systems have the potential to be fully integrated with one another
  • Complete File Inquiry options
  • Provides excellent Audit Trails
  • Data can be exported to various Spread sheet systems such as Excel
  • Completely documented via integraged Help files
  • 1-Up Label printing supported
  • 3x10 per Page Label printing supported
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