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Please refer to the table below for Software pricing. If you have any questions or considerations, please contact us.

The Support Agreements are optional. The annual prices are listed below. If you wish to purchase a multi-year support contract, you may qualify for additional discounts.

  Price Support Agreement
Municipal Systems
Utility Billing3495.00720.00
The Utility Billing price of 3495 includes 1-metered service.
Additional Metered Services are $500.00 each
If you have less than 500 customers, we will grant you a $1000 discount.
If you have between 500 and 1000 customers, we will grant you a $500 discount.
(UB) Hand Held Add-On995.00200.00
General Ledger495.00360.00
(GL) Accountant's Add-On375.00120.00
(GL) Budget Management Add-On250.00120.00
(PR) Job Cost Add-On495.00120.00
Check Book495.00360.00

Required Software

ACS Core System
(required platform for ACS software)
Includes one copy of PCAnywhere, Business Rules, Atlantis Ocean Mind.
(Includes First User)
Addition Workstations250.00
(Per Additional User)


Minimum System Requirements
Common Features
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