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This Utility Billing system has been designed to allow a municipality or private utility to calculate and print utility bills, as well as maintain complete accounting control over account collections and balances due. Our system offers many other time saving features, which are outlined below.

When you purchase the ACS Utility Billing, the software will be customized for the services you offer. You will not see report headings or screens that are not applicable to your services. Installation includes setting up your rates and preferences.

The main purposes of this system are:

  • Calculate and print Utility Bills
  • Calculate Penalties and Print Notices
  • Record Collections
  • Maintain Customer Balances
  • Maintain Customer History
  • Produce all reports necessary for good accounting and provide an easy audit trail


  • All the Common Features that you get with any of our software systems
  • Allows readings to be uploaded from Hand Held Devices
  • Handles a maximum of 4 metered services and 6 non-metered services
  • Calculates any penalties and sales tax
  • Handles demand meters and fuel adjustments where applicable
  • Contains standard charge provisions for any service
  • Requires only current meter reading to calculate new bill
  • Contains override provisions for any charge or usage
  • Contains provisions for the system to automatically request the reading in route sequence, or readings can be entered in random sequence
  • Allows for routes to be processed separately as the route books are turned in
  • Contains recalculation provisions for any bill
  • Automatically checks for unusual usage as readings are entered
  • Retains history of billings, collections, readings, etc for an unlimited period of time
  • Contains help screens for building and maintaining files
  • Customer lookup provisions by any information contained within he customer record
  • Provides for unlimited footnote records on each customer
  • Allows user to maintain all rates from menu
  • Contains provisions for levelized billing
  • Has the ability to print postal bar codes on bills
  • Contains provisions to estimate readings during bad weather, etc.
  • Provides for cycle billing
  • Tracks history of all deposit transactions
  • Customer information can be exported for Access, Excel, etc.
  • Bank draft provisions for bill payment will soon be available

Standard Reports:

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