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The main purpose of this Payroll system is to relieve you of the time consuming work involved in calculating a payroll, preparing checks and producing the many reports now required by Federal and State agencies.

This system has the flexibility to handle most payroll reporting requirements. Many of the standard reports, such as the payroll registers, W-2 forms, etc. have been made a permanent feature in the system. This system also boast a user designed reports feature. This will allow you to design many of your own reports without the assistance of a programmer.


  • Hourly or salaried personnel
  • Weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, and monthly pay periods
  • Calculates Federal, Fica, Medicare, state, and local withholdings plus EIC
  • Multiple state withholdings (tables included)
  • Ten user defined miscellaneous deductions or additions
  • Temporary override features on all deductions
  • Bonuses and other miscellaneous compensations
  • Departmental breakdowns on all wages
  • Unlimited breakdown of wages by general ledger accounts
  • Accrual of vacation and sick leave
  • Vacation, sick and holiday calculations
  • Accumulates vacation, sick, and holiday hours taken
  • Federal and state tax add-ons and overrides
  • Accrual and posting of employee benefits
  • Electronic 401k reporting
  • Recalculation provisions
  • Entry of manually prepared checks
  • Automatic posting of payroll to general ledger and/or check book system
  • Report generating features
  • Accumulates workman's comp wages by W/C code
  • Federal and state U/C calculations
  • Year end closing routines
  • Quarterly and annual reports
  • Multi company
  • Routines to allow user to change FICA and U/C rates and maximums
  • Password protected
  • Electronic submission or printing of W-2s
  • Electronic submission or printing of 1099s
  • 941 work sheets or laser printed 941 forms
  • Payroll deposit calculations
  • Automatic processing routines
  • History of all payroll checks
  • Handles cafeteria and pensions deductions
  • Maintains separate fields for Medicare and social security
  • Electronic submission or printing of 1099 forms
  • Transmit Payroll information to Access, Excel, etc.

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