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The General Ledger system has been designed to handle the bookkeeping requirements of municipalities. The system handles everything from the entry of the transactions to the printing of financial statements. The system provides for fund accounting and can even handle encumbrance accounting, if the ACS Purchase Order system is installed. If the ACS Checkbook System is installed, all checks and deposits can be automatically posted at month end. All inter-fund transfers can also be recorded.


  • Any chart of accounts
  • Unlimited number of accounts and transactions
  • Multiple companies
  • Multiple departments or funds
  • Multiple financial statement designs
  • Calendar year or fiscal year reporting
  • Prior year comparisons
  • Prior period adjustments
  • Reprinting of prior period financial statements for two years
  • Manual or reoccurring adjusting entries
  • Budget comparisons
  • Retention of transactions for full year
  • Reprinting of prior month trial balance
  • User selected order for automatic processing
  • Bank reconciliation features
  • Automatic year end closing
  • File inquiry options
  • Automatic posting from all other ACS applications
  • Search features on all entry and inquiry screens
  • Transactions from other systems can be retained in holding files until approved by general ledger operator
  • ASCII files can be created for transferring to spread sheets or word processing.
  • All reports can be reviewed on screen before printing

Standard Reports

Order Information
Minimum System Requirements
Common Features
Budget Management

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